Interntionella Engelska Skolan

Hello and welcome!
I’m delighted that you have chosen to find out more about Internationella Engelska Skolan Karlstad. We are entering our 13th year as a school. It is something that we are very proud to celebrate!
Our staff and students are involved in many different experiences happening both in and outside the school campus. We firmly believe that students need contact with the world around them to enhance the learning which is going on in the classroom.
Internationella Engelska Skolan Karlstad is a fantastic learning environment, where we believe in working with the whole child to ensure success and allowing for the student to reach their own individual potential. We have strong beliefs and norms of how a school should work and clarity and consistency are important tools that we use to guide our students.
We have clear rules and procedures, which are lived by both the staff and the students. We have high expectations about academic commitment, and we encourage our students to be active in their studies. We believe that the school environment shall be a place where ’Teachers can teach and students can learn.’ The IES Karlstad faculty are loyal and committed to the ethos and are here to lift our students to their fullest potential. Setting high academic expectations for all students is essential. All children should be inspired to do their best and be challenged to do even better.
Any child can succeed with excellent teachers who inspire the classroom. We hand-pick teachers with the strongest qualifications and dedication to education to ensure the best learning experience. Our staff will help your child to set their own ambi­tious expectations, and then meet or exceed them.
We set challenging homework which promotes learning outside the classroom and holds regular tests so every student can see how they are perfor­ming and what they need to focus on.
Strong academic performance
We have a long track record of helping our students achieve high academic results and pride ourselves on academic quality. Grades, including national tests and final grades, are rigorously checked so they give an accurate picture of each student’s and each school’s achievements. We also share best practices between our 36 schools to continuously improve the quality of our education.
A warm welcome to IES Karlstad!
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